Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A BPA-free Thanksgiving!

With all the publicity (finally!) about the dangers of BPA in canned food, I’ve been looking for non-canned alternatives to the foods required for the traditional holiday. So here are a few solutions I’ve come up with:

I've found a great non-canned pumpkin pie filling for those who don’t want to use a real pumpkin. Arrowhead Mills Pumkin Pie filling is packaged in a BPA-free aseptic box. The only downside is it’s not certified organic.

And for those who “can’t” make home-made gravy (I’m there with ya!), there’s Imagine Organic Gravy packaged in the BPA-free aseptic box.

I also found RW Knudsen Sparking Organic Apple Cider (and Pear) – so my little ones can feel like the grown-ups getting their drinks from elegant champagne-style bottles.

My trusted-source, Safemama.com, has also found a great non-canned version of Cream of Mushroom soup for green bean casserole. Pacific Natural Foods has an aseptic box - and it's even organic!

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