Monday, December 6, 2010

Toaster oven with no non-stick finish?

My favorite kitchen appliance, my toaster oven, died 2 months ago. Since then I've been on the search for a toaster oven with no "non-stick" surfaces. Why? While the non-stick surface makes clean-up a snap, the heat causes toxic gasses to be emitted. Polytetraflouethylene, (PTFE), is found in the fumes of non-stick coatings. PTFE fumes are odorless and colorless and it is not clear how long it lingers in the air. It was once thought that PTFE only became dangerous when over-heated but new research shows that temperatures as low as 285 degrees F can release PTFE fumes. Non-stick coatings are made by many maufacturers, under many different names so basically if it says non-stick, stay away. This is especially important for bird owners as PTFE is dangerous and often fatal to feathered-friends.

So what have I found? I only came up with one option. Waring Pro was the only brand I found that did not contain any non-stick surfaces. The inside and outside are stainless steel. I was on the fence about getting a toaster/convection oven since I didn't really "need" the convection part, but when Lowes had it on special for $49.99 as a cyber-Monday special, I ordered it. I've been using it a few days now and love it! It's quiet and easy to use. It has a much larger footprint than my old toaster oven but I can make a 12" pizza in it - which will ultimately save me some cash on electric bills by using my regular oven less. But the best part is that I can use it and know I am not causing any dangerous fumes to be emitted into my home.

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