Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pacific Natural Foods: BPA-free and delicious!

I LOVE soup but with 99.9% of all canned foods containing BPA in the lining, I've been on the search for safer alternatives. One company I came across is Pacific Natural Foods. They use aseptic packaging, which is BPA-free, and keeps even the most perishable foods fresh for months (unopened) without preservatives or energy intensive refrigeration. In addition, the company has a commitment to providing quality ingredients, many which are organic! The company prides itself in the ability to trace each and every ingredient back to it's source through their Certified to the Source® program. In addition, their milk production goes beyond organic standards.

"For the cows this means:
-Open pasture as much as our Pacific Northwest weather permits;
-100% organic, vegetarian diet developed by a nutritionist that takes into account the climate and the breed;
-No antibiotics or synthetic hormones;
-“Pedicures” and foot baths as part of preventative health measures;
-Access to motion activated cow brushes to scratch the herd’s backs and flanks, and remove dirt;
-Assurance of humane treatment throughout their entire lifecycle;
-Ready access to food and water, and ample shelter where animals can enjoy each other’s company, the open air and comfortable resting places; and
-A stress-free environment managed by expert herdsmen who work to minimize noise and disruption."


So far we've got safer packaging and safer ingredients, but what about taste, right? I received some products to sample and all I can say is "oh, my!!!". Their collection of organic condensed soups offer a safer choice for those family favorites, like casseroles, that call for canned condensed soups, but their new chef-inspired soups blew my mind! They will remind you of flavors only found in the trendiest bistros. Rosemary Potato Chowder, Vegetable Lentil and Roasted Red Pepper, Thai Sweet Potato, Chipotle Sweet Potato, Poblano Pepper and Corn Chowder, and Rosted Garlic Mushroom Lentil deliver the perfect marriage of complex, robust flavors. Pair with a sandwich or salad for a quick and flavorful meal!

In addition to soups and broths, the company also makes teas, soy beverages, nut and grain beverages, coffee, pot-pies, and artisan pizzas, many which are low in sodium and gluten free!

Want to try them for yourself? I'll be selecting 3 readers to receive a coupon for a free Pacific Natural Foods Product. Details coming 5/1!

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