Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glass Straw Therapy!

If you read my review of GlassDharma glass straws, you know that my family loves them - less waste, no toxins leaching into your drink, and super convenient. I found another reason to love them! If you have a child who has any speech issues or enjoys getting oral sensory input, they work great as a therapeutic tool! My little guy likes to bite and stuff his mouth full because it provides a lot of sensory input that he craves. If I have him drink yogurt through the straw it provides a challenge for him - he has to work at getting it through the straw providing sensory input in a much less destructive and dangerous way! Drinking his lunch satisfies his need for oral input - how simple is that! And the GlassDharma straws have a nice rounded opening so I don't have to worry when he sticks it too far into his mouth - no plastic "cuts"(if you haven't read the review, these are made of borosilicate glass and are very difficult to break! Don't worry, I don't let my toddlers play with glass!). A friend, who is a speech therapist, also recommends parents use straws rather than spouted sippy cups as straws help strengthen certain "mouth muscles" and help with speech skills. So now we can add "therapeutic" to safe, trendy,and eco-friendly!

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