Friday, September 23, 2011

Time for Good Hygiene - The LED Wash & Brush Timer

Recent research has found that washing your hands with normal soap and water is the safest choice for preventing colds and flu but sometimes children race through hand washing without really washing properly. The same problem can occur with tooth brushing... even for adults (did you see how shocked the women where on "The Bachelor Pad" when Blake, a dentist, actually brushed for 2 minutes?). I found a great solution to the "race to wash and brush" problem - The LED "Wash & Brush" Timer available at

This is especially useful for young children, children with sensory processing disorder, or those on the autism spectrum. These children often do not enjoy hand-washing and tooth brushing. It may not be comfortable for them and the time it takes to finish the task may feel like an eternity. Visual timers, like the Time Timer, work great for these children but you don't always want to carry around a big timer. The LED "Wash & Brush" Timer is the perfect solution since it's small and compact and children can use it themselves.

This timer is super easy to use, even for a toddler. The child simply pushes either the "wash" button, which has a picture of a hand, or the "brush" button, which has a picture of a tooth. The light beneath will turn green and begin to blink. The speed of the green flashing light gets faster, helping to indicate the child's progress and reassuring the impatient child that the end is in sight. When the light turns red it's time to stop.

The LED "Wash & Brush" Timer is a well-thought-out product. The green and red light are easy for kids to understand. It makes the task almost like a game and leaves your child feeling empowered! The product also comes with a mounting racket and two different ways to mount it - suction cup or velcro. This is a smart design as it allows the unit to easily be used in various locations - mount it in the bathroom that's regularly used, but take it to another location, on vacation, etc. The only downside I found was that it requires three AAA batteries which are not included (we never have batteries when I need them!), but that's really a minor inconvenience. At less than ten dollars, I think it's well worth the money and saves me from arguing with my children while ensuring their good hygiene.


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