Friday, February 10, 2012

Muir Glen Moves to BPA-free cans

I called Muir Glen today and got more information on their cans. As of October 2011 they have switched to BPA-free cans for all their tomato products. The bad news is, because canned foods have a long shelf-life, you could still get a can that contains BPA. I called and spoke with a CSR and they do not have a list of manufacture dates for when the change went into effect. You can tell once a can is open by the lining you'll see... if it's white, it is the older-style can that contains BPA. If it is copper in color, it is BPA-free. For your best chance of getting a BPA-free can, choose a can with a far-off best-by date. I bought a can with a 2/14 date... I'm planning to use them for some organic chili this weekend (BPA-free Eden Foods beans and some Simply Organic chili mix). I'll report what I find when I open it.

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