About Me

Prior to having children I worked for Rodale, publishers of books and magazines like Organic Gardening Magazine, Prevention, and Men's Health. In the nearly ten years I was employed there, I worked on everything from Organic Gardening Magazine to health and fitness books like Alternative Cures and South Beach Diet. Rodale inspired me to start looking at what I was putting into and around my body. Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World was an enlightening product as my husband and I decided to start a family. I took things a step further as I made the decision to avoid certain products and chemicals while I was pregnant. Once I had my daughter I researched more and more products and was astounded at what I found. Everyday products we use laden with chemicals that are proven to do harm. The more I researched the more I needed to know. I started sharing this information with friends and family and then decided to start this blog so the information was there for all of them in one easy-to-reference place. Writing reviews and researching products fed my scholarly side and gave me satisfaction as a wife and mother knowing I was doing my part to find the safest products for my family. What started out as a hobby has turned into a passion that I will continue for years to come. I hope that I am able to help you learn how to make safer choices for your family, too!