Friday, June 17, 2011

Safer Summer Fun - Sand Toys

I was looking for some fun PVC-free and Phthalate-free "cheap" sand and water toys to play with this summer, but this proved to be a bigger challenge than I though. When I googled " pvc-free sand/water toys" I got mainly brands made in the EU with price tags to match. We have some great "good" toys like Green Toys Sand Play Set but I was looking for a water wheel, some sand molds, shovels, etc. that I wouldn't get upset over if they didn't make it home from the beach or a day of play elsewhere. There had to be something made in the USA that was safer, right? After a bunch of searches I came across American Plastic Toys. I was pretty surprised that googling "PVC-free plastic toys made in America" didn't return American Plastic Toys but nowhere on their site does it say what plastics they use. I called and also posted on their facebook page inqiuring abut what types of plastics they use and was told polypropylene and polyethylene both of which are BPA,PVC, and Phthalate-free! These are sold at many store like Kmart, Target, and The ChristmasTree Shop. I found my sand and water wheel at The ChristmasTree Shop for only $4.99. These aren't thick plastic toys that will last a lifetime like Green Toys but they do the trick and are good quality for a good price. If you are looking for some "better" toys and willing to pay a bit more, try Green Toys Sand Play Set,
Zoƫ b Biodegradable Beach Toys, or Sand Play Set by Spielstabil
(made in Germany).

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