Monday, July 18, 2011

BPA-Free Canned Fish

We received a request on our Facebook page for some ideas for BPA-free canned fish products. We felt like this was a good food to research since according to The World's Healthiest Foods "with canned food, the risk is greater if the food inside the can is either watery and acidic (like tomato products) or if it is oily (like sardines and salmon). The risk is also greater when heating is involved. In general, we would place oily, canned fish like canned sardines and salmon in a higher-than-average risk category since there is often "double-cooking" involved (cooking prior to canning, and then heating in the can for sterilization purposes), and oils in and surrounding the fish can allow contaminants in the packaging to migrate from the can into the food."

So after a bunch of phone calls and email inquiries here's what we found:

Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics has BPA-free canned options for all their fish products except for Dungeness Crab. They are one of the few companies that have BPA-free canned salmon!!!

Oregon’s Choice uses BPA-free cans for all of their Albacore products. Their goal is to have every product canned in BPA-free cans within the next year.

Wild Planet Foods' Albacore Tuna, Skipjack Light Tuna and Sardines are packed in BPA-free cans. They are currently working with their suppliers to source BPA- free cans for salmon products. Due to the natural citric acid used in processing Wild Pink Shrimp, the cans must have a special lining which cannot be BPA-free.

Ecofish (Henry & Lisa's) uses some BPA-free cans. I was told that the canned salmon is BPA-free. The actual can for the canned tuna and low-sodium tuna are BPA-free but the lids do contain BPA (so not BPA-free by my definition).

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