Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Join the "Kick the Can" Challenge!

The Breast Cancer Fund is sponsoring the ‘Kick the Can’ campaign to alert people to the dangers of BPA in our canned foods. Our friends at Healthy Child Healthy World are joining in to take this challenge and send a message to manufacturers that we want BPA out of food cans, out of our food and out of our bodies. Join with these organization and accept the challenge!

Sign the pledge to "Kick the Can" this month.

By reducing your exposure to BPA you'll be redusing your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver abnormalities, and breast cancer!

Cooking with fresh, organic foods is best but we realize that's not always an option. So if you are looking for some BPA-free alternatives to some traditionally canned foods, like condensed soups, refried beans, or diced tomatoes, check out the articles below. Safer Choices has done the research for you and found BPA-free alternatives!

BPA-free Tomatoes
BPA-free Soups (regular and condensed)
BPA-free Beans
BPA-free Gravy
BPA-free Pumpkin Pie Filling

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