Monday, June 20, 2011

Goddess Garden Sunscreen

We've had so much rain lately that I was wondering if we were ever going to test out our new sunscreens! Finally, yesterday was the perfect sunny day to test the Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreens we received.

The children both used the Goddess Garden Baby Natural Sunscreen. This product is made with certified organic ingredients and rates in the "low" category on the EWG's toxicity scale - a must in my book! This sunscreen uses zink oxide (20%) to provide broad spectrum protection. The formula was the consistency of the traditional sunscreens (not as thick as some other safer ones we've tested) and was very easy to spread. It went on very quickly and easily which is a plus when it comes to getting it applied correctly on little ones who have no patience. It provided great protection even with us being in the water for 90 minutes. And neither of my children, who both have very sensitive skin, had any reactions.

My husband used the Goddess Garden Kids Natural Sunscreens (trust me, he's a kid at heart!). The tube proudly touts that the formula is 82% Organic - the highest certified organic content Sunscreen available. Again, this sunscreen went on very easily and left a sheer finish (no ghost-like look!).

I tried the Kids Natural Sunscreen Spray. I was curious about the spray and it was a bit different than I had imagined. Instead of "spraying" like you would imagine your cleaning spray bottle's stream, it sprays on little puddles of lotion. I actually liked that since there wasn't spray going everywhere. After all sunscreen isn't cheap - I want to wear it not waste it! The consistency of the spray was not that much more "liquid" than the tube varieties. Both the spray and lotion provided great coverage and protection with a nice texture - not too greasy but not not too "paste-like" either.

We were also sent some cool UV bracelets. These gummi bracelets have ladybugs that change color in the sun, reminding children (and parents) when it's time to reapply the sunscreen. These are great for when you are at the beach where there's no clock and it's easy to loose track of time! Great for kids, too, since they don't have to worry about keeping track of time.

The verdict? Goddess Garden Sunscreens provided great coverage and protection with a wonderful lotion-like texture and no annoying scents or white-ish glow. In addition, only having to re-apply every 90 minutes is a great benefit! At $14-$20 depending on product size/formula, these are a good value for safer sunscreens.

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