Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Safer Summer Fun - Be Cool in the Shade

I love sunny days but protecting my family against the harmful effects of the sun is one of my challenges during the summer. One of the best purchases I made was the Sun Smarties® Family Beach Cabana Tent. This cabana tent, sold by One Step Ahead, offers a great way to stay cool at the beach, park, or pool. Unlike other products, the Family Beach Cabana Tent offer enough space for the entire family. The tent provides UPF 50+ protection, mesh windows, and a vented roof for air circulation to keep everybody cool and sunburn-free. Both the front and back panels have zippers so you can zip them closed when you are looking for some privacy (diaper change time!). Another great feature is the cabana instantly assembles... no poles or hardware needed (4 spikes help anchor the cabana but that's all there is to do!). You remove it from the bag and it pops into place. Packing it back up into the carry bag takes some practice. I suggest watching the video and practicing at home before you try to do it in public... it can be fun to watch those who never read the instructions or watched the video! You'll master it after a time or two. The Family Beach Cabana Tent provides a large area of shade but fits into a 25" round bag, complete with 2 straps, making it very convenient and easy to carry (or try their Wonder Wheeler All-Terrain Cart).

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