Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips on Affording Organic Products

As much as I would love to buy only organic foods, it's a bit too costly for a family of four living on one income. Since I believe that it's important to limit as many chemicals and pesticides in my family's diet as possible, here are some tips I use for stretching our grocery budget:

- I purchase organic meats that are about to expire. These are often market down by 33-50% off and can be used or frozen within a day of purchase.

-I stalk the "expiring soon" markdowns at my local grocery and children's store. They often have organic items marked down by at least 50%.

-If you have a grocery outlet, like Amelia's, near you, they often carry organic foods that were either overstock or soon to expire. I often find organic granola bars, cereal, and cookies. Most foods are good beyond their "sell by" date. When in doubt, call the manufacturer for guidance.

-Purchase organic for the "dirty dozen"... and buy conventional for those that are the least contaminated.

-Watch for deals on organic sites like Groupon and Daily Living. Some organic companies often run 50% off deals for their produce, meats, and other items.

-Go to the farmer's market! You can find some great deals on organic at local famers markets, especially around closing time!

-Grow your own! Growing your own organic fruits and veggies is not only inexpensive but it's also a great way to get your kids involved! Kids love to weed, water, and help pick the finished product!

-Use coupons. Many sites, like Stonyfield, have printable coupons on their website. If you are fortunate enough to live near a Whole Foods or Sprouts, I've read that they often have coupons on their websites and in e-newsletters that can be used in conjunction with manufacturer's coupons making for some great savings!

-Subscribe to a newsletter that gives you a heads-up on organic deals. My favorite is which posts deals and sales on organic products, coupons, and more!

Have tips on how to save money on organic? Leave us a comment below!

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